Sunday, June 1, 2008

Leighton Centre Art Show Demos

Returning Home, 11x14" watercolour

Poppy Garden; 11x14", watercolour

These are the two demonstration paintings I did at the Leighton Centre Clothesline show and sale today. I got there at 1pm and the weather began to turn cloudy and windy, but no rain thank goodness. These were each done in about 1 1/4 hrs, mostly because tons of people came up to me to talk about the painting process, which made focussing a bit difficult. But I was very encouraged because the loose style just made people want to go home and paint -there is nothing better than that for a teacher! The wind made it interesting as the paint was drying unpredicably -just adds to the fun and energy. I tried to capitalize on the bleed backs and balloons as much as possible. As I look at the work now, I think I did pretty good given the circumstances.

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