Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Storm Approaching

watercolour & pastel, 10 x 14" image
They say if life serves you lemons, make lemonaide. So here is what the weather looks like here. It has rained for almost 2 weeks, which is unheard of in Calgary. I began this watercolour on location at Lloyd Park last week, but couldn't finish it because it started to rain. I decided to take it today and try to finish it with some added chalk pastel. I love the texture and the richness of colour of the pastel, with the transparent watercolour washes peeking through.

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Cheryl said...

I LOVE the color in this one - nice!

Too bad about the weather there. I guess I chose a good time to be away b/c it has been nice here for the most part. Just a few showers at night. It is gorgeous here but little time to paint or sketch. Tonight I am taking a "personal" evening and going out to sketch or paint... I hope the weather lasts for me.