Monday, July 14, 2008

Cobble Flats -plein air watercolour sketch

"Cobble Flats", plein air watercolour and ink sketch, 4x6"
This is another great painting sight within an hours drive of my house. This was done after I did the "Banded Peak Revisited" plein air oil painting, as I figured that it would be much easier to handle a small watercolour sketch in the wind and changing light conditions, which it was. I hope to do a studio oil from this sketch and the photos I took that day.

This is my kit for my plein air ink and watercolour sketching. The sketchbook is a Robert Bateman Recycled Artist Quality sketchbook, which works great for watercolours as it has 110lb paper that is acid free, and doesn't buckle when it gets wet. The ink comes from a permanent Ultra Fine Point Sharpie marker, and the palette is a Winsor and Newton pocket watercolour kit -comes complete with a small retractable brush, flask for water, and the lid serves as a water container. There is a small thumb hold on the bottom, and I did the previous sketch "Blakiston Creek" while holding the palette and sketchbook in my left hand and painting with my right hand while standing in the bushes. Very convenient! I like to write where I was and the date, and the sketchbook becomes a visual diary of my travels.

I teach my sketching method to people at the Leighton Art Centre yearly, and I have never had a student not have success with it, no matter if they were experienced painters or people who had never painted or drawn before. It really is a fun, quick and easy way to capture your visual memories.


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