Thursday, August 14, 2008

"Near Longview" -plein air oil painting

"Near Longview", plein air oil painting, 14 x 11"
This is the first of five paintings that I did this week on a two day painting trip to Kananaskis Country with my plein air buddy Lorna. I haven't tgone back into this one-yet! I am not sure why the farmer made two different kinds of hay bales, but as I was sitting in this field painting, he came along in his special machine that picked up the little bales, put them in a neat line of four bales and then flipped them over to stack them onto the bed at the back of the truck. I have never had someone come along and remove the things I was painting before!

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holly said...

Hi Sharon -- next time you're planning a plein air trip in the Longview/Turner Valley area, call us and we'll come out too! The colours are really changing now as field crops ripen. And once the nights get frosty, the leaves will have loads of colour too.
Holly & Ken