Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"Wiwaxy Peaks", plein air oil painting

"Wiwaxy Peaks", plein air oil painting, 10 x 8"

This is the second painting I did on our first day at Lake O'Hara. The afternoon light was lighting up the warm colours of Wiwaxy Peaks, and fading the cooler colours of Mt Huber behind it. This one was also painted from Schaffer Lake. I think it is so cool to see a plein air painting and know where it was painted from, and that's why I am telling you! The sunshine was so glorious and was just electrifying the golden larches, as well as picking up the cool greens of the evergreens.

The first photo is of the Elizabeth Parker Hut and the Wiwaxy Hut, where 25 members and friends of the Canmore Artists Guild stayed during the 5 days of our trip. You can see our water source from the brook which someone ingeniously connected to a hose (attached to the little bridge). Water had to be boiled for 5 minutes before drinking -no running water in the cabins. It was all very cozy, I will post more photos of it in the next couple of days.

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