Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Oz

There are a family of 5 Kookaburra's living in John's backyard, that he feeds with ground Kangaroo meat each evening. They are really nice birds, but they are like our roosters -they announce the rising of the sun -except that they make the greatest racket I have ever heard -does not sound like laughing to me!
These are Lorakeets. There are a million of these here, but I took these photos at the Currumbin Wildlife Zoo where we spent the day yesterday. They hardly ever stay still in nature, but at the zoo they have Lorakeet feeding times, where you hold a tin pan with some nectar in it and they swoop down out of the trees to feast. They gather in the trees around the beaches at sunset and they all sing at once -thousands of them. Unbelievable!
This is Currumbin beach, which is the beach closest to John and Maggie's home. I snapped this at the end of yesterday after the zoo. You can see Gold Coast in the distance -the home of Surfer's Paradise, and a million tourists! We watched a surfing competition in the morning, but the tide was out and it was windy, which apparently makes the waves difficult for surfing. It is all so much harder than it looks. We also saw kite surfers -now there is an extreme sport!
We are flying to Cairns in the north this afternoon, where 'the rainforest meets the reef'. We will spend 2 nights/3 days aboard this lovely sailboat sailing out to several reefs, where we will snorkel and dive -I know, it's tough to take!! We will also do some hiking in the rainforest in the Daintree. I should have lots of great photos to share when we get back. I am thinking about my Calgary buddies who just had a spring dump of snow -wish you were here!
See you next week.


Anonymous said...

Please Please Sharon bring a copy of your photo of Currimbun Beach to the workshop in Lethbridge in June. I would love love to try to paint this. (not in the class!)I have been pouring over your DVD and can't wait for you to get back here. Would you let me have that picture to paint from? it is so much like old English landscape painters - I just love it. Obviously you are having fun in wishes...
Linda Tanaka
Lethbridge Alberta

Joanne said...

Thanks so much for sharing your holiday trip with us Sharon. I love the Currumbin beach picture. Oh wow, it looks like a picture waiting to be painted.

Miirii said...

Haha. We wish we were there too! Looks like so much fun!
The amount of snow we are getting is starting to become ridiculous. Please bring home some of that wonderful weather!

-Kathleen Cracknell