Tuesday, March 10, 2009

new mixed media project

This is a new mixed media collage project that I am doing with my Monday students. The first step was to choose a paint colour to represent a red, yellow and a blue to make a colour wheel 'rainbow' with. It is amazing the different mixed colour wheels you get when you alter any one of these colours. You should see the great rainbow when you use YO, RO, and BG as the 3. The possibilities are endless! Then I had each person roughly paint a piece of regular copy paper with each of the 12 positions of the colour wheel (Y, YO, O, RO, R, RV, V, BV, B, BG, G, andYG). These sheets were semi-analogous rough mixtures, varying in opacity/transparency. The idea was to create colours that would transition between other colours. These papers would be our collage material for our painting. Each person selected a subject that they wanted to do. My subject was sunflowers.
Painting step i: We roughly painted our supports to give a background colour and texture. Then we followed with the first lay-down of collage pieces. I then added some paint into the background, to try to integrate the cut and torn collage bits. I also did some photo transfers of images of sunflowers I had, but it is really hard to see them in this small photo. Above is the result of the first couple of hours of work.
Painting step ii: This is the end of the next several hours of work on the painting. I continued alternately to collage and paint into the piece to try to bring some degree of resolution. I tried many things, some of which worked, and others which did not. This still needs several more hours of work to get it to the place where I am happy with it. I probably won't get to it until after I return from my 3 week holiday to Australia (yipee!!), and will post any further developments as they happen.

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