Friday, March 20, 2009

On the Gold Coast

Lest you think I have left art behind, yesterday I had an art attack after seeing some wonderful art at the Tweed River Art Gallery. When we came back from our tour, Maggie and I set up our paints and painted on her deck until the sun set. I will post my start tomorrow when it is light enough to take a photo. They have very different art supplies here than they do at home in Alberta, so it took some getting used to. Isn't this a wonderful place to create from? There are a huge variety of song birds chirping/calling/screeching from the forest that is behind the pool, from green, yellow and red Lorakeets to large white Kookaburas (which John feeds with raw kangaroo meat). Truly a piece of paradise!

Today we did a driving tour into the mountains behind where John and Maggie live. This is Springbrook National Park. The tallest peak is Mount Warning -an old volcano. It is really strange to have the usual view of the mountains from mountaintop heights and look way down into valleys -I am used to seeing them from the valley level at home. Not to mention that they are often covered in rainforest, with spectacular waterfalls cascading down the sheer cliffs. It was truly breathtaking.


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