Sunday, May 17, 2009

Another floral demonstration

This is the demo I did for my Wed morning class. For this one I had several photos of mixed flower bouquets to use as my source material. I followed exactly the same process as the last demo, except that I added reds to my palette. I splashed some water droplets into the damp wash to create some texture, thinking that perhaps if it looked like small flowers later, then I could incorporate some. I looked for flower shapes in the dry washes and did some drawing to show me where they could be.
Here the negative painting process has begun. I try to be careful not to take any one area too far at this point, and work all over the paper.
At this stage, most of the major flower forms have been found. I haven't done much inside any of the flowers yet, but have tried to give myself some large negative shapes where I can lay some more negatives to get more depth, so that all the flowers aren't on the same level.
"Flower Jungle", watercolour, 11 x 15"
This is the finished painting. You can see the negative areas are more developed as are the flowers themselves. My goal in the painting was to try to give the feeling of a mass of flowers, in varying shapes and colours, that flowed together to create a harmonious whole. I think I accomplished that, so I am happy.


Diane said...

OMG...this is so fabulous! Your work is absolutely wonderful! I love visiting your blog.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your technique. It is fascinating and the end result is a lovely painting.