Monday, June 1, 2009

New Plein Air Season Begins!

"On The Tsu Tsina Reserve", 6 x 8", plein air oil
This is my first plein air oil painting of the season. I did it while sitting in my car using my new and very cool thumb box that was designed by me and built by a good friend. I will post a photo of the new set-up next time I use it. As the mixing area is so small, I chose 6 paints and put them into a weekly pill reminder, so that I wouldn't have to use up mixing area for paint storage. This had the dilemma of choosing only 6 colours (plus white), which are about 1/3 of the number I usually take with me! I chose Ultramarine Blue, Cobalt Turquoise, Cad Yellow light, Cad Red light, Sap Green and Alizarin Crimson. It was a real challenge to make the colours I wanted, and really missed my Naples yellow and yellow ochre. Those tube colours are much brighter than what I can mix. I did get better at it as the day progressed however, so stay tuned...

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hissnhowl said...

Oooo - love your plein air paintings!!