Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"Return To Lloyd's Park"

"Return To Lloyd's Park", 6 x 8", plein air oil painting
This is the last of the paintings I did the other day, and it is my favorite. I was finally getting a handle on the colour mixing with that VERY limited palette, and was surprised at all the colours I could make. This is a favorite painting spot of mine called Lloyd Park; most Calgarians have never heard of it. It is a small wetlands at the end of the road Red Deer Lake School is on, off Hwy 22x. When you open your car door, the noise of thousands of birds and ducks really knocks your socks off.


Anonymous said...

A lovely harmonious painting. You make the scene come alive. I like your colors.

Sharon said...

Thank you so much Jean!

tanis said...

Hi, did you ever do a painting of the Federal Executive Board seal in New Orleans? I have a picture that has bits and pieces of NO culture along with this seal. Could it be yours?

Sharon said...

Hi Tanis: Never heard of it, sorry!