Monday, July 6, 2009

Another attempt at plein air acrylics

"Elbow River Bank Shadows", plein air acrylic, 12 x 9"
This is my second attempt at painting outside with acrylics. This time I used a gessoed board as a support which was a lot less absorbent than the watercolour paper was, which allowed me to layer on the paint better, and to blend a bit as well. It also took the heavier, impasto paint better. I think the untreated paper support just sucked too much of the moisture out of the paint. I love my stay-wet palette -it keeps the paint wet for days and the mixtures will stay wet longer so that you can use that mixture again. I miss the blending possible with the oils, as well as its creamy textures, especially in the light areas, but it was a real joy to pop in the darks right over the lights when needed. It allows moving back and forth between values SO much easier, and prevents some of the mud that can happen when indecisive in oils. I will have to practice my brushwork!


Cheryl said...

You're talking me out of oils!!!! Very nice painting...

Sharon said...

Thanks a lot -it is fun mixing up the media!