Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bringing it in!

"Priddis Creek", 12 x 9", oil painting on panel
The top image is what my plein air piece looked like when I brought it home. There were several things that I wasn't happy with so I went back in to clean them up -especially that dead tree in the upper right. The green that I had mixed on location for the sunny banks was way too acid for my liking, so I toned it down. Now when I look at both of them together, I think some of the initial spontaneity is lost in the final piece although the detail is better. Which makes for a more interesting painting?

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sharon -- I have to say I prefer the plein air original version complete with glowing greens and dead tree. It seems fresher and livelier than the "fixed" version.

I often find myself going back to doctor plein air pieces and I'm almost never happy with the result. I'm thinking that instead of fussing with a plein air piece, it would be better to start over and do a studio (or in my case, kitchen table) piece using the plein air as reference.

Anyway, my two cents. Hope you're enjoying summer -- looks like you're getting out lots!