Monday, July 13, 2009

Cliff Hanger i & ii -plein air oil paintings

"Cliff Hanger", 11 x 14", plein air oil painting

I gave this one a shot and after l hour things just weren't working out, so I wiped it off and started again. This is the first time that I have ever wiped a painting, and it felt GOOD. It was tough to simplify the amazing complexity of the canyon wall. The more I stared into the deep shadow, the more I saw -all that detail just spoke to me!
The painting above is my second attempt at this scene. I painted this painting in full sunshine, and the dark values are very dark when it comes inside the house. In the pure sunshine, the transparent colours just sing. I think it is better to paint in light shade, so I have ordered a new plein air umbrella to give me some shade when there isn't any.

"Cliff Hanger ii", 6 x 8", plein air oil painting

I decided to try this again later in the day, this time in a smaller format to see if I could get the simplification better -of course I had studied it so much during the first painting that it was a snap on the second. The sun had come around to light up the back cliff, but the great warm/cool & light/shadow on the trees was missing by this time of day. Interesting to see these two together. I think I like the higher contrast and saturated colours of the first one better.

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Irina said...

I enjoy! I like the first one very much. And I like very much the story around these paintings, experience and feeling.