Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"Funky Kohlrabi", oil painting from life

"Funky Kohlrabi", oil painting from life, 6 x 6"
I bought this lovely looking vegetable before the workshop began and managed to keep it looking good until the last day of the workshop by wrapping it in wet paper towel and keeping it in the fridge. This was the most fun painting as the colour was just yummy, and I think I caught that excitement.
Workshop Lesson #6: Value and shape are the most important things to get right when painting plein air. Colour and edge treatment can be more discretionary and this is where personal creativity and vision will show the most. I just have to remember that if I change a colour from what is in front of me, I need to take into account its impact on the other colours around it, particularily when doing these little still life paintings with all the bounced light and colour going on.

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Cheryl said...

I love the colors... cool veggie!

Rebecca said...

My question is, what did you make with the Kohlrabi afterward? Or does it suggest something about the meals of my childhood that I'm suspicious you found it far more fascinating to paint? ;) For future note, Kohlrabi makes a great coleslaw Mom!