Friday, December 11, 2009

"Kenesis River Reflections", watercolour landscape painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Kenesis River Reflections", watercolour painting, 7 x 11"

This is a demo I did for my beginner/experienced beginner class but forgot to post. This was their introduction to painting reflections wet-on-wet. The secret is to puddle in the colour while the paper is slightly wet so the colour holds. The reflections above the rocks were done in one go, softening the bottom part so that no hard edge would form. After the top part was done, the rocks were painted, adding texture by scraping with a credit card on its edge, sort of like a squeegie. Then the bottom part of the water was wet and the reflections continued, mirroring softly the colours in the rocks above. The white trunks were lifted out of the damp wash, and the water marks were lifted out when dry.


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Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful. Love the colors - they are so luminous. I aspire to paint as well as you in watercolors.

Sharon said...

You will Jean if you stick with it and have a very good teacher : )

Cynthia said...

Beautiful greens.........lovely reflection....