Thursday, December 17, 2009

"Tree Patterns", acrylic abstract painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Tree Patterns", acrylic abstract painting, 16 x 16"
$575 framed, FREE S&H

This is another painting done on a textured ground. This one was textured with light modeling paste and gel medium, both of which were stamped into with a hand carved stamp and carved into with a credit card while still wet. After the ground dried I layered transparent washes of my favorite combination of colours: Quin Gold, Quin Burnt Orange and Permanent Violet Dark (Golden Fluid Acrylics). I also applied a float of watered down Irridescent Bronze which settles into the crevases in a lovely combination of gold and a startling green colour. Once more, calligraphy played a huge role in the development of the painting. This time the grid structure happened at the beginning in the shapes that I put my texture down in. I took the idea for the moon from my last painting, and the painted lacy edging pattern completed the theme.


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Caroline said...

Beautiful abstract painting Sharon.

Sharon said...

Thank you Caroline!