Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here's the tags

Here are the tags from the PLAY spread in my book, which I posted last. The top left tag (which you can see well due to camera glare) has a photo of ducks on it from a National Geographic. To its right is a tag that I did from a napkin that had corks on it -on the back is a word diagram of the word CORK (I found this cool thing on the net, but can't remember where!-it shows all the associations of a word). Next is a tag by Lindsay of a leaf cutout, complete with leaf charm. Next is one of Heidi's tags -she did a search for four letter words and printed them out. She then collaged a part of the list on the tag, and then made hang tags of all the four letter colour words. On the bottom row at right are two of Sheila's tags, made with magazine images covered with a neat plastic sleeve. Next is the back of the tag that was prominant in the last post -it has embossed music on the bottom, then more stamping and embossing on top. The letters are rub ons. The last tag was also made by Heidi, and ties her book (theme of Hospitali -TEA) to mine. And lastly is my paper doll.


For more information on this project, feel free to email me!

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