Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"Light Loves Colour", studio oil painting

"Light Loves Colour", 6x6" oil on board

I had some paint left on my palette after hitting "Summit Lake" one more time (it's never over until it's over!) so thought I would try a still life from some photo references I had. Each of these elements are from different photos, so I kind of made it up -would have really liked to have seen the actual bottom of that brown bottle! It was fun to imagine what the reflected light would have looked like if they had been together. I haven't done any still life since Carol's workshop, but think I will try to set up some still life staging gizmo in the studio, at least until the weather cooperates for plein air.
I am having a battle with myself over originality -it seems like everyone and his brother are painting small still lives, so I really don't feel the need to add to the pile. However, it does sharpen your observation and alla prima (= in one sitting) oil painting, so it is useful. I just have to find MY way of doing it that will set it apart from all the others...


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