Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Poppy Surprise", mixed media painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

I was going through my stash of paintings getting ready to make my submissions to the upcoming Calyx and FCA art shows, and realized that I had neglected to post this one. It is one of the demos that I did at the collage workshop I taught for the Calgary Sketch Club a few weeks ago. It began with a drawing in Sharpie marker on gator board, of a scene from one of my sketchbooks. I love working that way as I am really free to interpret it.

After painting small pieces of different kinds of papers into a collage palette before me, I began to 'rip and stick' the pieces onto the board without too much disgression. I didn't try to stay inside the lines, as you can see. Some of them will remain visible in the early stages to serve as a guide, but it becomes intuitive after the first layers.

After the board was covered, I then began to paint back into it with acrylics to loosely define the flowers and folliage. The process is sort of like this: rip, stick, paint, rip, stick, paint, etc until it is done.

"Poppy Surprise", mixed media painting, 9x9"


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Caryl said...

So pretty in pink. Very effective.