Monday, April 19, 2010

Paris at night

This is a little scene that I just now came upon, one block from our hotel. This is a very typical one of an outdoor cafe, yet the setting is unique in that it is in a quiet square surrounded by flowering cherry trees. Most of central Paris that I have seen is mostly brick, with very limited green spaces -as you can see above, it is amazing that these trees survive in the concrete jungle.
We have managed to book a return flight home for Thursday, so here's hoping it will go. If we get cancelled again, who knows how far down the line we will be!
Fortunately my workshop in Canmore on Saturday and Calyx are willing to not cancel me, on the hopes that I will indeed get home as scheduled. If I do, and you see me, be gentle on me -it has been a rather stressful end to a wonderful trip.
Bon Nuit!


Cynthia said...

Sooo many people stranded all over the world...I really feel for you.
I got back to Germany the day BEFORE this all hit....elsewise I´d be stuck in the Philadelphia airport. Good luck on getting out of Europe....I got my fingers crossed for you!

Linda Wilder Expressions said...

glad to hear you're making it home safe and sound. If you have time ( I know, very unlikely, lol), stop by and pay us a visit at Calyx, tomorrow.