Thursday, April 1, 2010

Upcoming Calyx show

It is again time for the wonderful Calyx Distinctive arts show. This spring I will be displaying my oils, mixed media and watercolour paintings on Sunday only. There are different artists present on Saturday and Sunday, you can check their website to see which artists are on which day. The biannual Calyx show has become 'the thing to do' for art and fine craft lovers, so much so that people line up at the doors to get in at 10am. That is truly an unusual thing, given our economy.

I am off to Paris in the morning -I know, poor me! I am treating my 24 yr old actor son to a 2 week tour of France, as a mother/son bonding event and as a gift for graduating university (bachelor of theatre performance, Ryerson University, Toronto). He graduated last year, but he has been involved with film productions and this was the first time we could get away together. I am hoping to post some great photos that I take while I am away, and hopefully a few pen and ink and watercolour sketches as well. I will be back on April 16th, so until then...

Au revoir!

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