Thursday, June 24, 2010

"Return To Middle Lake", plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Return To Middle Lake", plein air oil painting, 9 x 12"
$595.00 framed, free S&H

This is the third and final painting from my day in Canmore with Liz and Bobbi. It was about 8pm and the light had gotten REALLY flat, and still the sun refused to shine. I found this little spot at Bow Valley Provincial Park, and I was really taken by the walking path -part of my 'back roads/trails' series I guess. I have debated whether or not to change it to a lovely, partly cloudy evening, but this is the way it was...

This is Liz's painting from Middle Lake -she was standing about 200 yards to my left in a field to get this view. You can see we have a very different palette and approach to plein air work. Variety IS the spice of life! By the way, I am now the proud owner of this little jewel :)


To purchase this, or commission your own painting, please email me.

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