Monday, August 2, 2010

Mixed Media Workshop finale... and a painting

At the beginning of the workshop I asked all the participants what they wanted out of their week with me. I combined all their desires and made them into a motto which I posted at the front of the classroom. In the end, they all agreed that they got what they wanted!

This is our class: top l to r -Joanne, Lynda, Michelle, Karen, Debbie, me, Kirsten and Pat. My kids are all holding their favorite painting from the week. It was a blast and I hope to be able to do it again next year. Michelle was the successful bidder for my painting "Gabrielle" from my last post -the silent auction over it was quite vigorous. I am really glad that she got it. I understand that she has some cool plan to hang it from a large metal wall piece -would sure love to see that.

"Spring Bouquet", oil painting from life, 8x6" on 1" thick panel

I did this painting before leaving for the the workshop. As the weather has been variably crummy, I decided to not let that stop me from painting from life. These are some of my flowers from my garden, which have managed to miss all the hail storms so far -fingers crossed.

I have decided to paint the flowers from my garden, from life, for the month of August, and put them for sale here on my blog at a really inexpensive price. If people respond and purchase them, I will continue to do smaller than gallery sized paintings (8x10 or larger) and post them for sale, getting a Paypal button and all that good stuff. As this is a market test, if you are interested in purchasing one, please email me and I will make arrangements for the sale and shipping.


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