Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Pienza Shopper" plein air oil painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Pienza Shopper", 8 x 10" plein air oil
$200 unframed, click here to purchase Please Note: The prices on the Italy plein air work is a limited time special -I am putting together a show of my Tuscany paintings and any that are unsold from my blog will be framed and hung.

This painting was painted 90 degrees from the painting I posted yesterday. I had the architecture all done and then I waited with my camera for people to walk into my scene. When I found one I could liked, I used the image from my camera to jot her in. I knew it was risking the entire painting if I made a botch of it, but luckily she went in well without too much niggling. I even had a very nice woman walk back and forth for me, hoping to make an appearance in my painting.


To purchase this painting, or commission your own painting, please email me at williamsdotsharonatshawdotca (insert characters for the dot and at!)

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