Monday, September 2, 2013

Tuscany Workshop-day 1

Today was the first day of my Tuscany workshop, being held at the lovely Le Casacce villa near Seggiano, Italy. 

This was my third pen & ink & watercolour sketch of the day (but it was the best one and as my online galleries pull the first image for their posts, I always chose the best image to go first!!) We had taken a drive to a little village near the villa, saw this scene and knew we had to give it a go. 

This was actually my first demo, done quickly with much explanation for my students. It is the view to the patio from the grounds by the pool (unfortunately in heated!)

Here are, from left to right, Joe, Linda, Earl and Pat working away on their first sketches. You can see the pool in the background : )

This was my attempt to do the resident donkey - I have never done a horse, much less a donkey, from life before, and I am afraid I didn't nail his anatomy. But not bad considering he wouldn't stay still and I was drawing with a Sharpie marker!! 

So that was it for day one - tune in tomorrow for day 2!

Enjoy 😃

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DLPBR said...

I think they are all pretty darn good. Donkey photos are tuff so doing it in the flesh, Looks great. I envy you all.