Monday, February 10, 2014

"Waiting For Robin" encaustic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Waiting For Robin", 8x8" encaustic on 3/4" panel
$250 unframed, but painted with the green encaustic paint around the edges
Available at Fallen Leaf Gallery, Canmore, click here to purchase

More playing around with encaustic paint -just love the richness of the colour and the texture that is SO easy to get. I bought a tiny creme brûlée type torch so that I could make the eggs smooth without destroying the texture of the nest next to it -worked like a charm.

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Thursday, February 6, 2014

"Bird's Eye View" acrylic painting by Sharon Lynn Williams

"Bird's Eye View", 16 x 16" acrylic on gallery wrap canvas

More playing with layering acrylics using Golden's Open Acrylics to slow the drying time down.  I did the background and then painted a raven in flight on top using a stencil I cut. Then I decided to add the clouds as it looked like the bird is in the sky looking down on the earth from way above. Such fun!!! Not the greatest photo as it is 16x16" on gallery wrap canvas -had to take the photo against the window and it is not great sunlight this deep into the winter so you can see the texture of the canvas. I will take a better picture, which I am happy to send you if you are interested. Hope to get more time to paint tomorrow!


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Sunday, February 2, 2014

"January's Colours", encaustic by Sharon Lynn Williams

"January's Colours", 12 x 12" encaustic on cradled panel
$475 unframed with wood stained edges

I have been playing around with encaustic painting again, this time trying to work more in the style of my plein air oil paintings, to see where that would go. It is quite a different medium and it always surprises you as you cannot totally control things!

On a personal note, I just had an amazing time at Breakforth in Edmonton with my new friend Margaret. I have heard from the Lord and now will be taking my art in perhaps new directions, certainly with a renewed focus of working for His glory and fame. Risky, I know, after a decade of trying to get where I am in my career, but I am excited to see what He will do! It is all in His hands and I am trusting Him with the results.

My wonderful artist friend Crystal Marie Neubauer posted this on her blog for the new year, and she has nailed my sentiments exactly:

"My word for this year is HOPE. Hope for a future. Hope for my own life's purpose and a plan to help get me there. Hope that I have redeemed value and worth, that I have a voice and can be used by and for a cause much greater then myself. Hope in promises given to me years ago and the desire to instill and pass on this hope to others. Hope that brings freedom, and new life and purpose, that strengthens identities, binds up and heals old wounds, restores, redeems, and brings about long lasting change.

This kind of hope has nothing to do with empty wishing, or white knuckled determination or resolve. It is the kind of hope that knows it is not all up to me, and that there is a God who sees me and is taking my flaws and turning them into one of His treasured works.

No this year I don't want the shaky ground of resolutions, I want to stand on the promises of hope.

"He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,
to proclaim freedom for the captives
and release from darkness for the prisoners."

Thank you Crystal for your beautifully expressed words!


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