Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Sometimes it takes a long time!!!

"Tree Patterns", 15 x15" acrylic on illustration board
SOLD -finally!!

This is a painting that I did in 2009, and it just sold in my Edmonton show. Sometimes it goes like that -you pull out an old piece that you haven't yet destroyed because you felt it had some merit, put it in a show, and finally the owner finds it there.  I have heard it said that there is an owner for every painting, and it just takes time for the two of them to find each other. Perhaps this used to be true, but I think there are so many painters showing their work out there, that there are far more paintings than buyers these days.

I have a hard time keeping old unsold work after it has been on the rounds of every show I can think of. I destroy some,  but those I really like I either unframe and try to sell them at a lower price, or offer them framed as donations to worthwhile causes. But some I just can't bear to part with, especially if I have had a frame made specifically for the painting, as in this case.

This painting is done on a textured gesso surface, and then fluid acrylics are washed on the surface to see where the magic happens. It also has washes of dilute Irridescent Copper in palaces -I love the way it separates into green and gold in a wash.

Looking at it again, I still like it, and am now especially glad I didn't toss it : )

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Sue Marrazzo said...

Congrats! I enjoyed your post, too.


This is a great painting, one I'm glad you didn't destroy!
I have always said that "there is an owner for every painting, they just have to meet" This, of course sometimes never happens!
There is some truth in your comment about how there are more paintings out there than buyers!