Tuesday, April 13, 2021

"The Illustrated Life: Journaling in Ink & Watercolour" online course is opening!!

I hope this finds you well and happy! I am excited to let you know that I am once again opening registration for 'The Illustrated Life: Journaling in Ink & Watercolour' online course. NOW is the perfect time to take your sketchbook outdoors to capture what you are loving. Registration for the course begins on Tuesday April 20 and runs only until Saturday April 24.

Inside the course there are SIX full demonstrations broken down into manageable sections, making them easy to follow along. There are also lessons on finding inspiration, complete supply explanations, lessons on colour mixing, and SO MUCH MORE!

In addition, there is a very active free Facebook group where you can see other's sketches, post your work, and get encouragement for the journey. I respond to every post, so you get continual access to me to help you, answer any questions you might have, and to make helpful suggestions and support you on your sketching path.

You will find out all the information on the course you need HERE. There is a video there that explains how the course works, as well as FAQ's to answer any questions you might have and more.

As well, I have decided to do a LIVE ZOOM CALL to talk about the many benefits of plein air (outside) sketching, and to take questions about the course. The call will be on Tuesday April 20th at 7pm Mountain time. If you would be interested in joining me for the live call, please click HERE to register. The call will be recorded if you are unable to join live, you only need to email me to ask for the replay.


I have had 75 people go through the course now and this is what some of them had to say:

Dorothy S. said " What appeals to me is I get to learn how to draw quick and simple sketches to help me capture my adventures. I am not good at retaining memories and the feelings that I felt.  Sharon's explanations of using the pen to make containers for the shapes, and what to look for as the focus of your sketch, was fantastic. The lessons on colour mixing were a wonderful thing for me. I struggle with consistent mixing and the cool/warm colour stuff.  I get and understand the instructions because her delivery is easy for me to understand. I have learned so much from just these videos." 

Beth H. said: "I think your course is a good entryway into experiencing art, the creative process, even for those who have not been creative in the past.  Participants can be surprised by what they create with line and colour, especially if their stumbling block is, "I don't know how to draw".  I'm not sure what group this taps into, but when I think about this past summer, top of mind is the afternoon spent in the backyard, being outside and painting a sketch.  It was a way to enjoy my environment, made me feel like a kid again, even though I now have some physical limitations.  I'm wondering if gardeners, would be a group?  I spend time making my yard look beautiful, I finally had a way to experience it in a new way; to keep enjoying it and take it in. There is something about the process that is very therapeutic; increases mindfulness.  Mindfulness is a popular buzzword, so somehow it creates a path to mindfulness for the super busy woman sandwiched between children and aging parents. .... like my daughter.  It's like the Calgon bath that takes them away.  Also can give them a fresh perspective on their surroundings (that they might be tired of or feel trapped in) or remind them of why they used to enjoy something..."

Finally, Nancy said "The simplification of the sketching process was key for me.  Although I have taken a sketchbook when travelling, I often got bogged down with too much detail. This method with the watercolour works so well.  I have taken other courses from Sharon and enjoy her style of painting and instruction."


I sincerely hope that you will join me on the call, and then to join the course. See for yourself how relaxing, meditative and life-giving pen and ink sketching can be!


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