Tuesday, May 13, 2008


6.75 x 10.25" mixed water media
Tuesday May 13, 2008
This is a demo I did for my watermedia class. The reference was a lovely vase of daffodils one of my students brought to class. I began with very loose colourful strokes of yellows and oranges, and puddled in greens and reds to form the flowers (no drawing was done first -the brush did that!) Then I took a multitude of different watercolour pencils and did some caligraphy around the flowers in places. After puddling in the leaves, I decided to go a bit wild and wash in a vibrant background of scarlet lake, quinacridone rose, ultramarine blue and green. I think it adds a great punch to the piece and conveys the energy of spring.

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cbq said...

Hi Sharon,
I'm inspired... my blog is set up too but I hadn't loaded any pix up until a few minutes ago.
I hope painting daily will bring increased skills along with the joy and fun of sloshing it on!!!
Nice painting - I still need to do this method with the WC pencils.