Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ink and watercolour sketch 1

"Above Elbow Falls", 4x6", ink & watercolour sketch

This is one of the demo sketches I did today for my plein air - ink and watercolour quick sketch workshop at the Leighton Centre. As it happens, it continued to pour today so we had to work inside from photographs. Bummer -even the rain barrel outside the room had waves in it it was so windy! But the class seemed to love it anyways and everyone did great work. This is a great technique for quick watercolour sketches (30 min maximum) that everyone can do. One lady in the class had never picked up a brush before and she did a couple of amazing sketches.
I will post another one tomorrow.

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Cheryl said...

Nice sketch Sharon. I appreciated you posting your first oil even tho you didn't LOVE it... I'm afraid I feel like that about most of my paintings right now. The "vibes" are sad here right now. I'm thinking about how far away these babies will be! On the up-side, I'll probably get to travel there and after Saturday I'll have the skills to sketch those travels....
Can't wait for saturday - I am bringing better weather with me...