Sunday, August 24, 2008

"On the Reserve" -plein air oil painting

"On the Reserve", plein air oil painting, 10 x 8"
My friend Dianne and I took our painting gear on our backs and pedalled our bikes down to the Weaslehead nature area on the Elbow River. This scene was one along the way that caught our attention. Cycling to a painting spot is a great idea, excercise the body as well as the creative mind.


John Hewitt said...

Thank you so much for this beautiful blog. I honestly nearly cried enjoying the work you have done. I spent some time looking at all the posts and viewed the youtube video and then checked out your web page.I myself have dabbled in watercolors because I felt it was possible for me because of the fact that I did not have to be perfect with all my details. I may have to try some more now.I thank you again and will stop by to view your work now and then. Out of pure respect I did not copy and save any of your images, but if I was rich I would love to buy quite a few and decorate my apartmant with them! hihi, I should practice right? Thanks again Sharon, John

Donna Hanson said...

I have never been so much in awe as when I drove the weaselhead and was awestruck at the incredible beauty along that road.

Your painting has captured exactly what I remember.