Monday, September 1, 2008


"Banded Peak Revisited", 12 x 9", oil painting
Remember this painting from July 12th? I was looking at the 28 oil paintings I have done on location this summer, and I had an 'ahah' moment where I realized what I wanted my paintings to look like. I am in love with high contrast and chroma on well designed, simplified shapes. To this end, I went back into some of my previous paintings and simplified them, boosting the colour where needed. I am much happier with this painting now, as I think it is less 'literal' and more me. I do tend to get caught up in all the detail while on location, so I guess I may just have to carry on this practice if I can't manage it while on site. May not be pure 'plein air', but that doesn't really bother me. It is the end result that matters. Hopefully I will be able to capture the feeling of the place as I have perceived it.


Joanne said...

I like this picture a lot ! The changes are remarkable . It just "pops" now.

Donna Hanson said...

Wow Sharon - what a difference! Sure makes you realize that pushing contrasts makes all the difference.