Sunday, September 28, 2008

More Lake O'Hara and Elizabeth Parker Hut

This is the sleeping area of the Elizabeth Parker Hut. Two 'shelves' with long mattresses on them, each shelf sleeping 8 people. Kind of 'concentration style' sleeping arrangements. I didn't know my neighbor to my right, but at least had my hubby to my left! Climbing that ladder constantly was a real pain, and the light was always very dim inside.
This is the fireplace for the hut -the fire box mounted in front of the original stone fireplace kind of ruins the effect, but really keeps the place toasty. At the end of each day we would put our masterpieces on the mantle and all around on the window ledges for all to admire...or not.
The evenings were spent eating! We had a wonderful chef from the famous Banff Springs Hotel on our trip and he volunteered to head up the kitchen teams (we all took turns dicing and chopping under the master's supervision). So dinners included such lush fare as filet mignon (done in a propane oven unfortunately), salmon and arctic char. That made the rough living conditions seem strange by comparison. The environment seemed to call more for Mac and Cheese! The night was capped off with singing, led by an incredible voice with a penchant for music from the 30's and 40's -couldn't believe I knew the words to "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend"....
This is my wonderful hubby (and sherpa) Dave taking his turn doing the dishes. No running water, remember?
"Odaray Glacier", plein air oil painting, 10 x 8"
This is number five for the trip. This is the view of Odaray Mtn from the hike up to Lake Oesa. There were these great huge rocks left from various rockfalls that were covered with this lovely gray-green lichen -quite a contrast to the warmer rock ledge behind. Another amazingly beautiful day, no clouds in the sky at this time, which made painting the mountains SO much easier that if there had been shadows cast from clouds.

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Cheryl said...

I really love the shadows on the mountains - nice and crisp without the interference of the clouds. What a treat! You had amazing weather... not sure I could manage the sleeping arrangements though - that looks pretty primitive. These paintings are hard won... and very beautiful!