Friday, November 28, 2008

Waterfall demo #2

This is the photo reference for the next painting demonstration. I can't remember where I took this picture!
Step 1: Paint a rich mixture of dark colours and paint the rock area. While damp scape the rock forms with a credit card. Above this paint a richly coloured dark for the trees in the forest, scrape trunks. Puddle in other colours to add spark.
Step 2: Paint the water as in the demo yesterday. Add the side banks using warmer colours than in the background to project it in front. Add warmer greens for the trees above it. Keep a crackled edge at the bottom of the rock edge so it will read as being in the water.

Step 3: Paint the water at the bottom of the falls using dry brush and softening some edges. Make this colour brighter than the falls as it is a flat plane. Paint around the area where the rocks will be. Soften the bottom edge of this as we will pick it up later, you need to use your time while the paint is wet to soften edges.

Step 4: Paint a mid value warm combination of colour for where the rocks in the water will be. Don't overmix these colours! Scrape in small rock shapes. Paint the water surrounding the rocks. Soften some of the bottom edges of the foremost rocks where they meet the water so they look like they are sitting in the water and reflecting a bit. Paint the rest of the river run out using a combination of dry brush and softening edges. Puddle some darker colour at the bottom and edges to force the viewers eye into the painting.
Last step: If needed lift some colour from the falls and the back of the river in front of the background rocks. Make sure this line is flat! Add some more detail to the large rock masses beside the falls and the trees on it.

Finished painting: "Spring Falls", watercolour, 7 x 10.25"

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