Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Mixed Media

"Marie Louise", mixed media, 15 x 21"
This work was done as a tribute to my grandmother Louise Martin, who died just before her 100th birthday. She was a wonderful woman who shared with me her love of gardening and lovingly making beautiful things with her hands. It was done on a monoprinted base and then collage, various types of image transfers, stamps and ink were added. I am not sure if it is finished yet, but thought I would post it anyway.


Lynne said...

I can't believe this. First of all to you share my Mum's maiden name "Williams" and now my great grandmother's who was a Martin from Kingston. Go figure. Trust all is well with you. Blessings. Think of you often and am enjoying your blog. I have to find some free time to learn to do watercolors.

Diane said...

This is absolutely amazing. In looking at the close up, I am amazed at every little thing you captured in this beautiful picture. What a wonderful tribute to your Grandmother.

akatrix said...

How beautiful! She must have been a wonderful grandmother to evoke such a beautiful tribute!