Monday, February 16, 2009

Another still life painting

"Tea Time ii", watercolour, 11.5 x 8"
My Wednesday afternoon advanced class liked the way the first 'Tea Time' was painted, that they demanded their own demo. So I did it again, this time changing the colour. It was interesting to see how the two are so different in feeling. We are studying the effects different colour schemes make in a painting, so this was a great challenge. I had lots of great suggestions from the class while I was trying to work out some of the difficulties, all of which I used. It is great to 'paint by committee' sometimes.
I wanted to mention again that there is still room in an exciting watercolour workshop I am teaching next weekend, February 21 & 22, in Edmonton, Alberta. Please email Gisele at or call 780-461-3427 for more information. Come and play with colour with me.

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Diane said...

Absolutely beautiful!