Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday in Oz

This is a photo of my hubby Dave taken on our rainforest walk yesterday. There were Antartic Beech trees there that were absolutely huge and the sign said they were 2000 years old! Didn't see any wild orchids, but now I understand why I have trouble blooming rainforest orchids in my home...

I just had to snap these two birds while we were walking on the boardwalk at 'Surfer's Paradise' this morning. They reminded me of my and my man -you can choose who is who!

And lastly, as promised, here is step one of my Australia abstract. It still has a long way to go, but it was fun to respond to the profusion of colour and energy all around me here -the pulse of the bird and plant life, the breeze from the beach, the salt air and humidity. It is truly amazing, especially after a long, cold and white winter.


Lindsey said...

Love the abstract Sharon! Makes me think of sunshine, sails, movement.... (very welcome since we just had large dump of wet snow in Calgary) Hope to see more.

Anonymous said...

Are you offering any beginner's workshops in the near future?