Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Reef Photos

Remember Nemo? Well we found where he was hiding. Such a blast to watch these guys swim in and around the colourful anenome. The colours under the water were amazing, they even rivaled the colours of the flowering trees, bushes and plants on land. This country was just 'made' to fill up your visual senses, not to mention your auditory ones. As I sit typing this blog entry, the windows are open and the sound of the birds in the trees is a symphony.
This is a bannerfish, and one of my favorite fish we swam with on the reef. The polka dotted fish beneath him is a wrasse I think. Unreal bright colours and patterns abound here, not only in the fish but in the corals as well. This reef trip was definitely a highlight of my life. If you are ever lucky enough to go on a reef trip, I would highly recommend New Horizon's sailing trip. You got to snorkel wherever and whenever you wanted, the crew was wonderful and very knowledgeable, and the food was scrumptous. The only negative was that the seas were rough with a wind of 20 to 25 knots, which meant that our constitutions were tested day and night. But we made out all right.

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