Thursday, May 7, 2009

Continuing with the wet-on-wet demo

OK, I have now decided to superimpose 2 boxes (making 2 frames of reference; in a box or outside of a box) onto the painting to 'hold' the rock scenes. I made them different widths to add interest. Then I decided which rock shapes would be wholly contained on one or the other boxes and which would overlap the two frames. This sounds confusing at this point I know, but it was done to hold my interest, and hopefully the viewers. Here I have begun to play with the frames, in some cases painting inside the edges of a box, and at others painting outside the box, to make a counter-change.
Here is the initial start of the painting. It is hard to see at this small size I know, so I will continue to show you the two views.
Here is the left side developed a little bit more. I 'found/invented' a twig form in the upper part just to add variety.
A longer look at this stage. This is as far as I went on Tuesday night; saving the right side for the demo on Wednesday.
Here I have done more work on both sides. I added some leaf forms to the right side. I am not happy at this stage as I don't feel you can tell what's going on. It's amazing how different it looks from 8" away, where it all makes perfect sense. As blogger will only let me post 5 images in one post, I will later on what happened next.

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