Friday, May 15, 2009

New watercolor demonstration - continued

More work on tying the composition together. When this stage was done I rubbed out the pencil lines, which increased the feeling of looseness, as I had only defined parts of each flower, and this let them blend together a bit.

"Daffodil Jungle", watercolour, 10.5 x 14.5"
This is the final painting. I did some lifting to define some shapes rather than paint darker negatively as I wanted to keep the final painting light and airy. I found more flowers in the background washes -this works because if I set the context for the painting (daffodils) then anywhere the viewer sees yellow, they read daffodils, even though I haven't spelled it out to them. I laid in some more dark leaves both behind and in front of the flowers to create a pattern of darks to anchor the design. I like this approach as each shape flows into the next in places as not every leaf and petal is detailed. This prevents the 'cut out and pasted on' look that I dislike, and shows watercolour off to its best advantage IMHO.

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