Tuesday, May 5, 2009

new wet-on-wet demo

This is an idea that I got from Karlyn Holman in her excellent books on stretching the possibilities of watercolours with play. This is a half sheet of watercolour paper, cut on the long side (11 x 30") which I wet on both sides, and then began to drop wonderful pure colours into. When I was finished with that fun, I placed pieces of wax paper cut out to look like rock shapes, pieces of oriental lace and unryu papers, cheesecloth stretched out to make interesting patterns, sprinkled a bit of table salt into some of the uncovered areas, and then some scrunched saran wrap on top of all that, and left it to dry in the sun. (no peeking or you will upset the mark making!)
This is a close-up of the left hand side of the sheet so you can see it a bit better. You have to make sure you get your colours dark enough as the sheet is very wet and will dry a lot lighter. (You can click on each of these photos to see them enlarged)
This is what the sheet looked like after it dried and all the stuff was pulled off.
Here is a close-up of the left side of the painting so you can see the subtle textures better. Karlyn glues the oriental papers onto the paper, but I removed mine so I could keep it as pure watercolour. In my class tonight and tomorrow I will work on this by painting both negatively and positively to bring out the rock shapes from the texture. I can't wait as it is so much fun to work this way. Will post in progress pictures on Thursday.

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