Monday, June 29, 2009

"Isolated Showers", plein air oil painting

"Isolated Showers", plein air oil painting, 6 x 8"
We have been having very strange weather lately, very unsettled and cool with showers or sunny with high winds -global warming?? Anyway, I thought I would try to capture one of these passing storms that tried to put the end to my lovely plein air painting day with fellow artist friends, Holly and Ken. I worked very quickly in my car with my little thumb box, and tried to catch the passing shower -very difficult to do with the cloud shadows racing over the landscape, the sun lighting up bits and pieces wherever it could. For this type of work you need to memorize the light the way you want it, because it doesn't stay that way for long. I am pretty pleased with this quickie.


Anonymous said...

Nice! I think this really catches the energy and ominous light of an approaching storm -- I especially like the greenish grey in the upper left.

Alicia said...

You did a fantastic job. This is really good, and as a quick painting, you made it very lifelike.

Sharon said...

Thanks Alicia and Holly! I really appreciate the feedback.