Sunday, June 7, 2009

New Mobile Studio!

I am SO excited! It has been a dream of mine to get a campervan and travel and paint, while my hubby cycles or hikes. Today, it has become a reality. We are the proud new owners of a great camperized van that is roomy and bright inside, and has lots of room for storage, and it even has a bathroom with a tiny tub and shower (this will probably be used to store my painting stuff in!). Now I am anxiously waiting for a free weekend to go camping/painting.
I will enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Sharon I am so happy for you! That is a dream of mine, too -- travelling around, writing, hiking, cycling, painting, doing photography. I'll ask you more about the van when I see you for our plein air day.


Hi Sharon:
Well it looks like your Art is rolling along,in the "Art Mobile".
Happy brushing,