Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Bush Patterns", plein air oil painting

"Bush Patterns", 8 x 8", plein air oil painting

This is done at the same place as yesterday's post. This is done on a stretched canvas that comes complete with its own frame that I bought at Art Supplies Direct. It makes quite a nice presentation at a very affordable price, and I like the smooth texture of the canvas. I spent yesterday priming and preparing boards for more paintings, using a method by Marc Hanson, OPA that I found on the Wet Canvas website. I have been having some problems with the oils slipping around on the boards I had done before, so am anxious to see it this new method is as great as it claims to be.


Alicia said...

Firstly, the painting is really good. And next, please let us know the result of your experiment with the new method.

Sharon said...

Thanks Alicia! I am still working on the different surfaces. I found the gesso with modeling paste option not slippery enough for me, so I am thinking of glazing it with an acrylic layer to see if that helps kill some of the absorbancy. My new favorite is shellac on birch plywood, for both acrylics and oils.