Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Roadside Adornment", plein air oil painting

"Roadside Adornment", 8 x 10", plein air oil painting
This scene is found on the way into Lloyd Park. There were yellow Rudbeckia (black-eyed Susan for those non-botanical viewers) growing in the ditch beside the road along with several other flowering 'weeds', and the heads on the grasses were pink. I have been trying out different painting surfaces to see what I like best. This one is done on double oil primed linen glued to my board, which is a very expensive venture. I didn't stain the white linen before hand and hate the little white bits that show through where the paint was scumbled on. I usually work on a red toned ground, but wanted to see if working on the white made my colours brighter, which I don't think it did. The linen was ok to work on, but I think I prefer a smoother (and less expensive) board. So the journey of discovery continues...

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