Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Workshop Demo Paintings

"Summer Reflections", 5.75 x 8.5", watercolour
This is one of the demos I did at my recent watercolour workshop in Invermere, BC. I was trying to show the class how to make clean and lively darks by knowing how dark you want them to be and then putting them in at that value to begin with using wet and rich pure colour. The demo started with the light bank -it is also important when placing lights onto white paper that you make them lighter than you think they should be, so they will pop when the darks go in. It is tricky to judge their value on the white paper.

"Sandra's Poppies", 10 X 14", watercolour
Another example of putting in the colour in the intensity that you want it to be and having that all important first wash to be lively and fresh. The second washes are only to define things inside the flowers a bit and to pop out some of the leaves, while leaving as much of the original washes untouched. This requires judging each stroke as it goes down to see if it is the correct value, shape and intensity, and determining if it should have a soft, broken or hard edge. The importance of S.E.C.'s again (shape, edge and colour).

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