Tuesday, August 4, 2009

"Aspen Light", plein air oil painting

"Aspen Light", 14 x 11", plein air oil painting

I did this on a very hot afternoon where the only shade I could find was under this small stand of aspen -so that's what I painted. I was intrigued by the colours of the bark in the sun and in the shade and tried to capture those in the painting. I wanted to get the leaves in as interesting groups of shapes while only giving the impression of many leaves. These too provided a fascinating array of colours. And of course the edges were important -soft on the shadow side and crisp on the hightlight side. All in all, a lot to take in! In learning to see colour, edge and value, nothing beats painting from life.
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Mitzi Easley said...

Beautiful colors Sharon. Your highlights are so well placed... i feel like i could look at just this one for a long time and still not learn it all. Well done! M

Sharon said...

Thanks so much Mitzi! I really worked hard on this one and am very happy with how it turned out. I have submitted it to a show, so I will get to see what the jurors have to say also. Wish me luck!