Monday, September 21, 2009

"At The Crossroads", plein air oil painting landscape, Sharon Lynn Williams

"At The Crossroads", plein air oil painting, 11 x 14"

I don't know why I just had to paint this scene, but I did. The painting took me quite a while, with most of it spent trying to get the perspective right on the road which was curving towards me while going downhill. Very tricky, but I think it is right now. The 'for sale' signs beneath the trees caught my eye as a nice story, you know, crossroads in life, do I buy that new house or not...

Workshop Lesson # 15: Get the motif in the drawing at the very beginning, thereby capturing what is most important to me. Then focus on the act of painting a story in a pleasing design rather than getting caught up in the details contained within the actual scene. If I have to get caught up in the scene, I should choose ONE thing to do that in. So deciding what it is that I am most interested in, and simplifying the rest will give the painting focus.

I am off to Lake O'Hara for 4 wonderful days of plein air painting, so be sure to stay tuned to see the results of my quest. The forecast is for good weather, and I am hoping they are right. This time of year it could be very cold and blizzardy. Wish me luck.

See you again on Friday!

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