Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"Blue Bird's Home", plein air oil painting

"Blue Bird's Home", plein air oil painting, 6 x 8"
I was all set up to paint the mountains, but when I turned around, this scene really spoke to me. As I was painting it a brilliantly coloured blue bird flew in and out bringing food to the youngsters still inside. What a thrill.
Workshop Lesson #7: To get an interesting edge, make it, then break it (paint over it), and then make it again. This keeps things interestingly loose and lovely.

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Cheryl Quist said...

Peaceful and serene feeling to this one. love the color

farah paintings said...

This lesson is not clear for me. I wish you had pointed out about one of the cases that you applied this lesson in the corresponding image.


Sharon Lynn Williams said...

Hi Farah: The images that go with the workshop lesson are not directly related! In this particular painting, I had done the distant hills with more detail, and then simplifed it by painting over it and then only putting in the detail that is needed for the composition. Hope that helps!

m said...

Birds can be so inspiring. I love that you didn't try to paint them, just 'suggest' their beauty.